Bluebook dashboard will provide users with the critical information needed to make the best decisions about client care. Get the answers you need instantly. Track and trend your staff, patient outcomes, business development and so much more.

Clinical documentation is at the core of quality client care. Bluebook dashboard ensures that the documentation is accurate, timely, and reflects the scope of services based on your company’s policy.

Automation of documentation audits allows providers to do what they do best, help their patients heal.

The dashboard includes the following to name a few:

  • Unsigned forms (Patients and staff. Sign directly from the dashboard)
  • Incomplete documents
  • Late forms
  • Critical lab results
  • Monitor Business Development
  • Manage Clinician Caseload
And so much more….

Billing Audit

Comes with a vast library of forms that are built in accordance with State regulations and Joint Commission. Form templates are completely customizable by the customers whenever necessary.

The form builder uses innovative tools such as drag/drop and cloning for a user friendly experience. These forms can also be set up with rules for signatures, levels of care, time-frame requirements and so much more.

Care & Delivery

Each level dictate the best number of clinical and structure services are needed. Tracking these hours to ensure your patient has received the optimal amount of care they can is possible through the Bluebook Billing Audit.

The audit calculates total needed, short hours, and remaining. It further details where these hours accumulated form i.e. nursing care, group session, or individual.

The promise to provide leading edge technology in the ever changing industry.

Care Coordination

Bluebook offers an internal “to-do-list” to assist and improve patient care. Care Coordination templates are based on the facility’s policy on patient care for specific tasks or documentation.

For example if a patient is diagnosed with an eating disorder a reminder to have the patient seen for a nutritional consult will appear in the “to-do-list.” The Care Coordination creates a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.

Keeping an up-to-date list of individualized tasks guarantees compliance and unmatched clinical care.

Group Session

The facility’s group schedule can be easily managed through the group session template. The times, descriptions and more can be updated as needed.

Users will be able to ensure their patients have a variety of services both structured activities and clinical groups. This feature guarantees patients receive individualized care in a group setting.

Facesheet Customization

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