Our Foundation

Bluebook EHR was created to improve the healthcare record keeping experience

Documentation doesn’t have to feel like a chore.

Bluebook EHR was created to improve the healthcare record keeping experience.  Bluebook was built to ensure the user experience was engineered to improve patient care, not hinder it. We passionately believe that technology is most impactful when it empowers healthcare providers to achieve their best for their patients. Our team is a group of technological-thought leaders that are never satisfied with staying stagnate. We are always striving to achieve cutting edge technology that bring providing treatment services in the behavioral healthcare industry to the next level.


We provide a library of forms

Bluebook facilitates

We provide a library of forms that not only accomplishes individualized patient data but, ensures complete compliance to your organization’s policies. Bluebook facilitates each employee to promptly see what their patient needs and when they need it. Compliance for documentation changes based on level of care, state regulations, and accreditation entities. Bluebook EHR keeps your finger on the pulse with regard to supporting your unique regulations. Patient care compliance is achieved at each level of care: detox, residential,day/night, IOP, OP, aftercare and alumni.

Simplify The Way Your Team Works

Group Sessions

Time-saving group session notes that help you ensure individualized documentation. See a calendar view: Month, week, or day of your organizations schedule.


Virtual assistants do not have to be limited to your smartphone. We want to make everyday tasks faster and easier with Bluebook Assistant. Quickly access treatment plan tools, patient information and more.

Customization of the client facesheet

Bluebook allows users to personalize the patient record according to their needs. Bluebook’s action menu empowers your staff to see the information that they need to see.

Billing Audit

A powerful tool that deliver at-a-glance KPI of billable services. The entire infrastructure links notes to your preset configurations. Giving you the monitoring tool necessary for confident and compliant reimbursement.


Even in this new age of technology there are still moments where paper is still necessary. Bluebook innovatively takes printing or electronically sharing patient records.


Assistant, Care & Delivery, Group Sessions, Care Coordination, and Reports can all be easily customized. This is somewhat of a sandbox design your own patient record experience. The possibilities are endless. Y

What To Expect

  • Easy to use, EHR and Impeccable Innovation

  • Transformative Impact on patient care

  • We have an unshakeable corporate philosophy of an unwavering commitment to customer support.

  • The promise to provide leading edge technology in the ever changing industry

  • HIPAA Compliance

  • Improved Reimbursement

  • Safe and secure data storage with Google Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Mobile and is the compatible with a Mac

Fully compatible with any device. Use Bluebook on your PC, Tablet, or phone. Works on any operating system Mac or windows.

Do you allow for 3rd party integrations with other software and complete custom development?

Yes. In addition to your monthly usage you can request integrations with 3d-Party vendors, consultative services, or custom development to Bluebook. The prices vary from project to project.

How Long is Implementation Process?

The implementation process with a fully integrated workflow can take up to a maximum of 30 days. If significant customizations are needed the time fame will vary slightly. Everything is done with your success in mind.

Have you been through a state or 3rd party audit such as the joint commission?

Yes we have been through both. Our commitment to excellence coupled with our superb treatment facilities proved successful for all audits. Bluebook’s vast amount of tools required to ensure compliance enabled our customers to achieve their successful outcome.